With a passion for our planet in our pocket, we’re exploring all the beauty and quirks our earth has to offer.

Hi, we’re Daniel & Brittany.

New to the world of travel, we’re seekers of adventure and observers of nature. Throughout our travels we are striving to challenge ourselves to do something extra, be it uncovering stereotypes, finding the hidden beauty of this world, or simply doing something crazy.

But we weren’t always nomadic, vegan gypsies. 

What feels like only a few moments ago we were in our 9-5 jobs, living the corporate life in Sydney. Although we enjoyed our time in the workforce, the lightbulb moment was when we realised our daily lives were no longer aligned with our values. 

So we did what any insane person would do, and what many people have done before us. We sold everything, we packed away our treasures, and we decided to travel for as long as we could. 

Through fantastic initiatives like CouchSurfing, HelpX, WOOFing and AirBnB, we are hoping to keep our dreams and passions for this planet alive.

Would you like to come and explore our earth with us?

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