Hi, I’m Daniel. 

 I travel. I eat mangoes. I hug people. I’m a dork, but who isn’t? 

At the start of 2015 I looked myself in the mirror and said “Daniel. You are one ugly human. You need to travel the world to find the fountain of beauty, and possibly, have whacky adventures with strangers in foreign lands along the way”.

So that’s what I did. For a solid year, I refused to go out of my house besides work and basketball, saving my pennies and googling money-saving questions like “Can I sustain my body on leaves alone?” and “Is it safe to sneakily slip into a coma to advance time quickly?“.

After a long year, I was ready. Towns of the world were circled; My carry-on sized bag was ready; and I boarded that one-way flight out of my hometown of Sydney, Australia.

Ever since, I’ve managed to travel to stunning landscapes full of waterfalls, sandy dunes, winter wonderlands and goats.
I’ve eaten wonderful food like spicy curries, crispy baguettes and juicy fruit. (Dragonfruit from Asia is the sexiest biodegradable object on our earth, do not even try and argue.)
But most importantly, I’ve met you wonderful human beings. Everyone I meet has a unique story and views on the world. This is what I love most.

Now, I could say that “Travel changes you“, or “I’m filled with wanderlust”, or my favourite: “Travelling non-stop is a perfect life”, but they are all clichés, right? Look, travel doesn’t fix everything. Hell, the worst few months of my life came as I was on the road. It’s just a normal life, like any other. There are bad days, good days, fantastic days and even days without any dragon fruit. We are all adventuring in our own way. Life is the adventure, after all.
So join me on the adventure as I show a little slice of earth, one pathetic post at a time.

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